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Biz Tips:

  • If you want to improve your productivity, family life, and your personal wellbeing, work no more than 10 hours a day and 48 hours per week.
  • Setting the bar too low for the organization is giving them an easy way out in achieving goals. But it can also become habit forming. Once the habit is formed, they will reject any goals that are stretches. Set goals that stretch individual employees and the entire company. This puts them in mindset of “The Little Engine Who Could”, the children’s story about changing from “I think I can” to “I know I can”. After a while it becomes the organizational norm.
  • In business, be careful not to make a “mountain out of a molehill”. Pick your battles carefully so as not to ruin your business over a small thing. Many a business was ruined over petty disputes and arguments. Unless there is a major infraction, just let it go.
  • To manage does not mean “control”. To manage means to get things done.


John Chambers, ex-CEO of Cisco, once said, “If you aren’t being disruptive, you will be disrupted”.

I agree! As they say in the college profession, “publish or die”. Being disruptive is good only if you are challenging the norm or stodginess. Being complacent or unwilling to keep up with the times is suicide.

Being negatively disruptive – such as in social violence – is not good and just breeds unrest. Innovating or seeking change for the good of mankind is different. There is no violence or unrest.

Silos. Sigh.

All of us need to establish our own identity. It says who we are and what we stand for. Company teams, military teams, or for that matter sports teams, are no exception.

Teams work together to perform certain job functions. Their identity defines this job function. The downside to this is that teams tend to form silos. It is natural and protects their identity. This good news, bad news situation has to be carefully monitored or the intra-functional relationships will suffer.

The tighter the functional identities are, the more likely silos will form and this is a very important downside to consider and work around.

Strong team identifies with good intra-functional relationships is ideal. To combat the tendency toward erecting silos is to have intra-functional team identify work toward the common cause. Here is where having a strong corporate culture with a clearly defined mission is crucial.

You never know how good you have it until you don’t have it! This is the sad state of any of us who have lost something of value or precious.

I have a friend who was recently in a serious bicycle accident and became a quadriplegic. It happened in an instant. Moments before he was a vibrant and accomplished executive and bicyclist and very independent. Seconds later he became crippled and very dependent on others.

Take nothing precious for granted. Be always grateful. If you do lose something of value, continue to be grateful for what you still have and move on.

During the days of horse drawn carriages (buggies), “buggy whips” was a huge and thriving industry that lasted over 100 years. Then came along the automobiles, which negated horses and buggies for transportation. This killed the buggy whip industry almost overnight.

Change is always with us. The book “Who Moved the Cheese” talks about mice who were so programmed to return to the same spot every night for cheese, that when the cheese was moved from their favorite spot, they couldn’t adapt and thus starved to death.

Accepting and adjusting to change is key to maintaining a thriving business over the long-term. Don’t get caught looking for the cheese in the same spot or risk starving to death. Prepare now for change and don’t wait until your cheese is moved.

What you take for granted, other people are praying diligently for. Be grateful for all you have and never take anything for granted. You never know when you may be the one praying.

The First Amendment to the United States constitution protects many rights, including an individual right of free speech. Limits to free speech include such things as not being allowed to slander another individual.

But note that this is an “individual” right, not group rights. As such, most of the limitations on free speech are designed to protect individuals and do not apply to groups. The law can prevent me from falsely claiming that you are a criminal, but it allows me to say that Congress is.

Yet some people now advocate the elimination of the first amendment because they believe it has become a “group” right. They do not believe a person can express opinions that refer to groups of people.

Unfortunately, opposition politics has shoved everyone into groups, depleting their status as individuals. To some I am no longer Ray Zinn, an honest hardworking father trying to provide for my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Instead I have been demoted to a “privileged”, educated, white male who now can’t be trusted. I am discriminated against unless I renounce myself of these labels.

What ever happened to the concept of not discriminating based on race, color, religion, social status, or sex because those things are not important to the quality of a person’s character? Judge everyone based on how they live their lives and not on what “group” you attach them to.

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