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  • Do Good

    1 Comment the simplest things can improve your own life and the lives of those around you. In this special...

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  • Business tech partnerships

    Tech Partnership Strategies

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    In high tech, you partner. Someday, somehow, with someone. Partnerships are inevitable in tech. The reason is very simple:...

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  • How To Succeed

    No Comments the book and the movie of the same title, “How to succeed in business without really trying” is...

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  • Truth and Trust

    Truth Hurts

    1 Comment old idiom “the truth hurts” can be a useful approach for managers trying to get to the bottom...

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  • Business Partners

    Business Partners

    1 Comment to partner or not partner in a business venture can be a vexing question. In this Tough Things...

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  • Work/Life Balance

    Life and Business

    1 Comment Things First Author Ray Zinn says, “Your life is your business, but don’t make your business your life.”...

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  • Gender Equality

    Gender Equality in the Workplace

    No Comments equality in the workplace is not a trivial matter, and as businesses add more women at all levels...

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  • Fifth Year

    Business’s Fifth year

    No Comments seemingly successful businesses hit a wall, or even fail at the five-year mark. In this Tough Things First...

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  • Business eclipse

    Business Eclipse

    No Comments 2017 total solar eclipse which fascinated Americans for a week was stunning to behold, but what happens when...

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  • Hold ‘Em

    2 Comments business, a winning hand starts with knowing the game and the players. In this edition of Tough Things...

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  • Tech Cycle Survival

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    When I launched my semiconductor company, I was betting my family’s entire future on a widely cyclical industry. I...

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  • Making Predictions

    No Comments balls are useless, but predicting future events and trends is not impossible. In this edition of Tough Things...

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  • Quitting Losing Battles

    No Comments battles … most people have experienced a moment when they realized they were fighting a losing battle, and...

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  • All You Got

    No Comments a business isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Are you giving it all you’ve got? In this edition...

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  • Running On Empty

    No Comments some point an entrepreneur may be called upon to “Run on empty,” but how does a successful business...

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