What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“No one can replace Zinn, Noyce, Sanders, etc. Zinn was driven by the excitement of technological advancement and the fun of entrepreneurship. He pioneered a new management and leadership style too.”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“Many of Ray’s insights I have incorporate into my personal life and they have made me a better person.”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“Ray Zinn’s life and work is the essence of entrepreneurial spirit.”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“Ray Zinn resonates with high tech and the creative world alike.”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“Ray Zinn is an amazing businessman.”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“Ray Zinn inspired me to be better inside my Business and in all aspects of my Life!”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“The story of Mr. Zinn's journey to success on many fronts is full of lessons in both business and for life.”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“Ray had some great advice and management principles for building a sustainable business.”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“I applaud Ray Zinn for sharing his path to corporate success that doesn’t compromise one’s integrity and desire for it.”
What people are saying about Ray Zinn:
“Ray's leadership style, emanating from his personality and values, produced one of the most successful companies in the world's capital of entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley.”
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Silicon Valley business legend is available for your event

Ray Zinn, the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley, the founder and 37-year CEO of Micrel, is actively speaking at corporate events and tech industry trade shows, and to business school students.

Zinn brings to each audience the deep leadership wisdom and business acumen that only a man with the most consistent profitability record in the semiconductor industry can. Rich with personal stories that illustrate key lessons in management, Zinn’s history and track record builds audiences, and his talks keep your audience riveted.

Corporate Events

Ray Zinn brings no-nonsense management and leadership insights to your organization. Based on his servant management philosophy, and with unique perspectives on corporate culture, your management team and employees will have a stronger grasp of your corporate mission and why they are valuable as people and employees.

Trade Shows

With 50 years in Silicon Valley and the semiconductor industry, Ray Zinn has seen booms, busts and massive consolidations. His company, Micrel, survived them all while remaining profitable for 36 out of 37 years in business. With historical perspective and cunning business savvy, Zinn will engage your event’s keynote audience with insights nobody else can offer about both the past and the future of business and tech.

University and Academic Speaking Engagements

Zinn is already invigorating students at campuses across the country, speaking to both undergraduates and graduates. With business schools offering more curricula on entrepreneurialism and leadership, Zinn’s deep expertise and witty anecdotes drive home valuable lessons to the future leaders of industry.

What people have said about Ray Zinn’s talks


“We so appreciate your visit! Thank you! We feel energized and uplifted!”

Reed Wilcox
President, Southern Virginia University


“I loved Ray’s positive attitude… I’m glad that I took the opportunity to listen to Ray’s advice and wisdom, and I hope to apply the things I learned from him.”

“I really respect Ray for his tenacity to hang in during the tough times, and make the most of the good times… It makes me confident [for] the future when I hopefully have my own business.”

“Ray Zinn was quite the way to finish out the lecture series. The fact that he was a 77-year-old and running a company that manufactures parts for ‘the tool of millennials,’ the smartphone, tells you about how flexible and determined he is. Ray’s story is inspiring, and his message on hard work timely.”

“I was also impressed, and felt a little embarrassed, how important Mr. Zinn felt financial and managerial accounting [was]. Beyond financial and managerial accounting, Mr. Zinn stressed that we understand business law, basic accounting, and economics… I want to now take all of them.”

“I think I learned more from Mr. Zinn and gained more motivation to be an entrepreneur than [from] any other speaker I have heard so far.”

“I found Ray to be a really inspiring person, which kind of surprised me. The reason why is because I could relate to his story of struggling in school and trying to find a passion.”

“I really liked what he had to say about getting down and doing what’s necessary to run a successful enterprise.”

“Ray Zinn said that it is a lot easier to do the hard things at the beginning of the day. I am going to also implement this into my life.”

“I loved how Ray talked about the mistakes that he had made and how they had led him to further his ability to accomplish complex tasks.”

“I was actually surprised how much information I pulled out of the session that could be useful to me right now.”

“Ray Zinn said out of all of this and throughout college and his career the one thing he would attribute to his success is doing the tough things first. This is great advice and I have changed the way I approach my schedule and prioritization of tasks accordingly.”


Ray on stage
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