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Investment in people is as important as an investment in cash

Can you do the Tough Things First?




How much of your and your co-founders personal wealth have you spent or put at risk thus far (ignoring sweat equity)? (e.g., $10,000)

How much personal wealth are you and your co-founders willing to leverage to be successful? (e.g., $10,000)

Which topics in Tough Things First did you find most interesting as it relates to managing your business?

What aspects of managing your business are you most concerned about?
leadershipexecutive managementmarketingmanufacturingfinance

Between mentoring and investment cash (assuming combined they both constitute 100% of the value provided by an investor), what percentage of the value do you perceive mentoring to be?

What is your product and market? (limit 1000 characters)

What is your total, addressable and realistic market sizes in annual revenues?
Total Market Size (e.g. $10B):
Addressable Market Size (e.g. $1B):
Realistic Market Size (e.g. $500M):

Is your product incremental, disruptive or groundbreaking and why?
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How much outside investment have you received thus far? (e.g. $2M)

What percent of the company is owned by investors?

How many rounds have you secured?

Who is on your management team and their LinkedIn profile URLs?

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How much capital are you seeking?

An investment pitch deck is required and will be forwarded, along with the above form, to one of our reviewers for initial screening. If investing in you (mentoring) and your company (capital) looks like a winning team, we will contact you.

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