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  • Trey Taylor's A CEO Does Only Three Things

    Trey Taylor and the CEO’s Three Things

    No Comments Zinn, the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley, sits with Trey Taylor, author of “A CEO Only Does...

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  • Greedy CEOs want it all, and can destroy a company

    Greedy CEOs

    No Comments CEOs are greedy, for their wallets, for market share, for fame. Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO has seen...

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  • CEO Misconduct

    No Comments profile resignations and terminations of CEOs continue to rock the business world. In this Tough Things First podcast,...

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  • CEO

    Great CEOs

    2 Comments makes a great CEO? Let’s ask one of the greatest, Ray Zinn, Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO. Guy...

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  • American Work

    1 Comment CEOs are celebrating the sudden growth spurt in the American economy while worrying there aren’t enough skilled workers...

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  • CEO Warning Signs

    No Comments are the top three warning signs your business is in trouble? Ray Zinn discusses the warning signs CEOs...

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  • The Worst Things a CEO Can Do

    No Comments engagement is traditionally very low, but a careless or complacent CEO can make things even worse. In this...

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  • Smarter CEOs: How to manage your presence

    No Comments

    Seth Godin recently identified some reasons why CEOs can be stupid, and he almost found the central theme (almost,...

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