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  • God is Not Dead

    No Comments God dead or simply passé? In this Tough Things First podcast, Ray Zinn draws on his ample life...

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  • Boundaries

    No Comments companies, some tech some not, have boasted about flexible work schedules, telecommuting, or other work from home opportunities,...

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  • Do Good

    1 Comment the simplest things can improve your own life and the lives of those around you. In this special...

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  • Work/Life Balance

    Life and Business

    1 Comment Things First Author Ray Zinn says, “Your life is your business, but don’t make your business your life.”...

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  • Change

    No Comments comes voluntarily and sometimes by force, as with the sudden loss of a job, but is there a...

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  • Episode 31: Lifestyle – lifestyle is more than money, and you can start living it today

    No Comments is a good lifestyle? We carry the lifestyle choices we make like baggage. Choose your lifestyle well and...

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