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  • Rethinking the Debate of Artificial Intelligence

    No Comments on who you ask, Ai is the scariest technology in the world or the 8th Wonder. But are...

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  • The Cryptocurrency Gamble

    No Comments too long ago we talked about chasing unicorns in Silicon Valley and the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes. Now...

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  • Gloabl technology, nationalism, commerce and security

    Tech Nationalism

    No Comments Nationalism is driving China’s near-term goals. Can the U.S. compete and what do startups need to know about...

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  • New ideas and new technologies for an exciting future

    New Tech, Exciting Futures

    No Comments’s an exciting era in technology. In this Tough Things First podcast, Ray discusses recent breakthroughs that are catching...

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  • Catching the next high tech wave

    Tech’s Next Wave

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    Everyone wants to know what tech’s next big wave will be, and when it will get here. As Silicon...

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  • AI and IoT

    No Comments call it a top priority for businesses in 2017; Be focused more on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet...

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