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  • Stress and Distraction for the Essential Leader

    No Comments in life that we have to deal with include stress and distraction. In this Tough Things First podcast,...

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  • Success is NOT a solo journey.

    No Comments leader may make decisions and plans, but executing on that vision requires a team. In this Tough Things...

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  • How to set goals for your business and your life

    Setting Business Goals

    No Comments Tough Things First stands for one thing, it’s setting and achieving goals even when they are difficult. In...

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  • Fearless pursuit of success

    What Stymies Success?

    No Comments

    Do people fear success? No. They fear what success requires or brings. Success is defined as the accomplishment of...

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  • There Is No Pot Of Gold

    No Comments pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is exactly what you’d expect, a fantasy. In this...

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  • Business Goals: It is never too early to start

    No Comments for what happens next is as important to success as the business idea itself. Rob Artigo talks with...

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