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  • Confirmation Bias!

    No Comments you want it to be true so badly that you sink the ship? In this Tough Things First...

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  • Proof of Concept

    No Comments is one of the toughest tasks for the successful entrepreneur. That’s why your proof of concept should get...

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  • Virtual work creates issues for maintaining innovation

    Innovate Virtually

    No Comments Wright, Dean of the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University, chats with Ray Zinn on how...

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  • How business leaders choose to make innovation happen

    Three Innovation Engines

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    How you innovate depends on what you are innovating. A lot of startups hate hearing that. They have the...

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  • Team happiness and innovation

    Happy Innovation

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    Many leaders don’t see the connection between happiness and corporate innovation. Well, at least until everyone is unhappy and...

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  • team innovation

    Creative Teams

    No Comments matter how large or small your creative teams are, you’ll want to maximize their cohesiveness and innovation. But...

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  • Innovation and exporting Silicon Valley

    Innovation Changes

    No Comments of innovation in Silicon Valley show no signs of slowing. In this Tough Things First podcast, Ray Zinn...

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  • Employee Performance Metrics, Innovation

    Performance Metrics and Innovation

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    There is a natural conflict between standard employee performance metrics and innovation. Being Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO I...

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  • Communication, Creativity, Innovation

    No Comments technology has become a blessing and a curse for American companies. In this Tough Things First podcast, Ray...

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  • AI and IoT

    No Comments call it a top priority for businesses in 2017; Be focused more on Artificial Intelligence and the Internet...

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