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  • Belt Tightening in Recession

    No Comments can’t control the world, but you can lead your company through a downturn. How? In this Tough Things...

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  • Confirmation Bias!

    No Comments you want it to be true so badly that you sink the ship? In this Tough Things First...

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  • The Pitch: Audience

    No Comments matter how dialed-in, intriguing, and dynamic, your startup pitch is, if you try to sell hamburgers to an...

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  • Working hard or Work-a-holic? There’s a costly difference.

    No Comments it easy to fall into the work-a-holic trap. Did you know that working 80 hours a week does...

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  • Quiet Quitting: How to reverse it in the age of remote work.

    No Comments quitting isn’t just a buzzword, it’s happening. In this Tough Things First podcast, Ray Zinn discussing this costly...

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  • Proof of Concept

    No Comments is one of the toughest tasks for the successful entrepreneur. That’s why your proof of concept should get...

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  • The Cryptocurrency Gamble

    No Comments too long ago we talked about chasing unicorns in Silicon Valley and the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes. Now...

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  • Kelly Perdew and Ray Zinn

    Kelly Perdew, Ray Zinn – discipline, leadership and being an apprentice

    No Comments Point graduate, Airborne Ranger, and Donald Trump apprentice Kelly Perdew chats with Ray Zinn about leadership, entrepreneurship and...

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  • Erik Huberman and Ray Zinn

    Erik Huberman of Hawke Media grills Ray Zinn

    No Comments, sustainability, work/life and profitability. In this wide ranging special edition of the Tough Things First podcast, guest host...

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