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  • Changing Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley is working well, but is increasingly broken. We have venture capitalists to thank and blame for both. Mission, people, focus One of the truly great things about Silicon Valley is that we change the world daily. Inventive...

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  • Money for Nothing

    “If you’re in it just for the money, find another line of work.” Some founders I coach hate hearing that. Real entrepreneurs get it. A founder’s focus on being rich is one criteria I use to filter out seed...

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  • Episode 6: Challenges, faith and focus must stay focused, keeping their eyes on the horizon. Doing so makes seemingly insurmountable obstacles look like fun challenges. Ray Zinn, Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO, discusses how to keep focus when the life of a business leader seems...

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  • happy employees

    Success with People

    Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse “Mankind was my business,” wailed the ghost of Jacob Marley. In life, nothing is more important than people. This applies in the office as well as your living room. That so many corporate leaders...

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  • Tough Things First Podcast

    Tough Things First Podcast Launches

    The Tough Things First Podcast launched today. As if I were not busy enough. Several people have told me that they enjoy my blog, and would like to follow my social media posts, but that they prefer to hear...

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  • Entrepreneur Stress

    “If it wasn’t for the stress, I’d never get anything done!” Every entrepreneur gets a bucket of stress, but they handle it differently. The fellow I quoted above used stress as a motivational tool, dealing quickly with business issues...

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