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Insights on leadership, entrepreneurialism and management

  • failure and success in business

    Five Plus Steps to Success

    Leave it to engineers to reduce the formula for success to a mathematical equation. Ps = 1 – Pf This shorthand, from left to right, reads “the probability of success is equal to one minus the probability of failure.”...

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  • AI, automation, employment

    Many captains of technology are openly predicting the demise of humankind from advancements in automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Luddites – 19th century workers who believed machinery was threatening their jobs – said much the same thing, sans AI....

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  • Public Policy and Private Business

    With the S&P 500 index up 5.3% since the start of the year, some are hailing the rally as the last part of a “dead cat” bounce, returning from the depths of the Great Recession. Others believe it to...

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  • Why Silicon Valley’s Mystique Isn’t Being Exported

    Silicon Valley’s aura is unique. Try though they might, other localities have yet to replicate it and might never do so. Yet many of these same factors can be part of any singular company, or a localized industry. In...

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  • Life Can Be the Pits

    “This isn’t fun!” Life – including the mundane moments, unmet expectations, and plain old enduring – seems like a drag to many people. To others, these challenges are the spices of life. This last group are quite often entrepreneurs....

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  • Personal brand

    Your Personal Brand

    Iago knew of what he spoke of when saying, “Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, Is the immediate jewel of their souls.” Your “good name” is your brand. It is what you are known for, whether...

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