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  • Business and America First United Nation’s General Assembly heard a fiery speech from Donald Trump, and the President’s critics were quick to call it arrogant. Was it arrogant to say he was putting the US first? In this podcast, Ray Zinn discusses...

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  • Why So Many Tech Companies Are Having Difficulty Surviving After Five Years

    FitBit, one of the high-flying consumer tech startups, priced their IPO at $20. Today it is trading for less than $6 and the company is losing money. GoPro, the action-camera company, went public for $24 a share, is barely...

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  • Exporting Silicon Valley

    It is time to export Silicon Valley. Several intersecting trends make this a necessity. The Silicon Valley success formula has been proven over many decades, and the rest of America can readily adopt it. Economic advancement, especially with the...

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  • Profit from experience

    Six Steps to Surviving Three Years

    The odds of your startup being around three years from now are not good. Statics show that about nine of every ten new businesses fail that quickly. Often it isn’t from a lack of hard work or even a...

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  • Tech, disruption and policy

    To disrupt is to make significant change. This is where technology reigns and why facilitating disruption should be public policy and priority. Innovation is not enough Innovation is great, and it brings to people and industry many useful advancements....

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  • Five Plus Steps to Success

    Leave it to engineers to reduce the formula for success to a mathematical equation. Ps = 1 - Pf This shorthand, from left to right, reads “the probability of success is equal to one minus the probability of failure.”...

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