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  • mergers and acqusitions

    M&A, Growth and Strategy

    Some companies can’t seem to grow organically. This may be due to market maturity, shifting market realities, or even incompetence of top management. This can lead a company’s management to focus on acquisitions for growth, especially when the firm’s...

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  • Kelly Perdew and Ray Zinn

    Kelly Perdew, Ray Zinn – discipline, leadership and being an apprentice Point graduate, Airborne Ranger, and Donald Trump apprentice Kelly Perdew chats with Ray Zinn about leadership, entrepreneurship and the blend of military and business discipline. Kelly Perdew: Hi. My name’s Kelly Perdew. I am excited to be here...

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  • SPECIAL EDITION: China, chips and security wants to dominate semiconductors, and vertically integrate manufacturing. This is a global threat on many fronts. Ray Zinn, founder of Micrel Semiconductor, discusses why and what to do about it. Guy Smith: Welcome back to the Tough Things...

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  • The Interconnectedness of Things

    Let’s agree that the phrase “Internet of Things” is a bad idea. Some might think this a picked nit, but how we organize our thinking either accelerates or retards progress. This is doubly so when we conceptualize disruptive technology...

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  • Tech Cycle Survival

    When I launched my semiconductor company, I was betting my family’s entire future on a widely cyclical industry. I had 36 profitable GAAP years out of 37; the one-off year resulted in a tiny loss, and that was due...

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  • AI

    Proactive AI

    Some people think artificial intelligence (AI) will end civilization. These folks are not worried about today’s common forms of AI, but tomorrow’s more decisive AI, one that can take actions. Though their concerns are overblown, we are facing a...

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