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  • Entrepreneur New Year’s Resolutions

    With a new year breaking, people across the world are penning lists of resolutions, many of which won’t last a month. Entrepreneurs, though, have better than average tenacity, and their New Year’s resolutions shape their lives, the lives of...

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  • When Bonuses Aren’t

    A $100,000 Christmas bonus check will certainly get your receptionist’s attention. An oil and gas company in Texas did just that. Not only for their receptionist, but for every employee from the front office to the front desk. This...

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  • Semiconductor fabrication controls

    Post Consolidation in Semis

    The good news is that the latest semiconductor industry consolidation is set to wind down, and the entire industry will do better in a year or two. This comes none too soon given the number of companies that have...

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  • Xerox Almost Killed Us

    Adapted from Tough Things First, by Ray Zinn Xerox was responsible for a Micrel policy because they shook our business pretty badly. Xerox was in its heyday. They were the masters of many imaging industries, and at that moment...

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  • Frugality, VCs and Enduring Companies

    An excerpt from Tough Things First, by Ray Zinn It was a 1954 Ford coupe. Like many men on campus, I had a love affair with my car that might have rivaled those with co-eds. And though a Ford...

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  • Entrepreneurs Are High Hurdlers

    Adapted from Tough Things First, by Ray Zinn Running the high hurdles isn’t easy when you are vertically challenged. Yet despite being only five feet, eight inches (173 cm) – markedly shorter than the other boys in starting blocks...

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