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  • Smarter CEOs: How to manage your presence

    Seth Godin recently identified some reasons why CEOs can be stupid, and he almost found the central theme (almost, but not quite). CEOs are human, and as such they fall prey to human emotions. One of the trickiest human...

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  • Building Boomerang Employees

    Boomerang employees are proof that your corporate culture is healthy. “I knew that Micrel was the best place that would allow me to grow and develop,” said one of our boomerang bunch. Long ago I noticed that Micrel has...

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  • How Leaders Do Better Than Their Best

    Famed Admiral Rickover once stunned Ensign Jimmy Carter (yes, a future U.S. President) who had admitted to maybe not doing his best while being enrolled in the Naval Academy at Annapolis. “If not your best, then why not?” the...

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  • Bottle Rockets and Hoists

    Here in Silicon Valley, most startups are like bottle rockets: they fly fast, look great, explode and vanish in a puff of acquisition smoke. Others are like hoists in a factory, doing unexciting but predictable work while building an...

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  • Semiconductor Contraction

    The semiconductor industry is consolidating as it is expanding. This seemingly contradictory situation has an origin, but no end in sight. I’ve seen this before, having founded Micrel 37 years ago and having been in the semi industry for...

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  • Executive Ethics and the Rudderless Ship

    Entrepreneurs often provide the ethics of their entire organization. Those that don’t oversee chaos. Ethics are systems of moral principles, and morality is merely the rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong. People, being individuals,...

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