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Insights on leadership, entrepreneurialism and management

  • Taking business risks

    Enjoy Risk

    Some things scare the pants off me, but most things don’t. You will never see me skydiving, but speaking to an audience of a few thousand people doesn’t cause me a moment’s grief. We all have phobias. Some are...

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  • Employee Performance Metrics, Innovation

    Performance Metrics and Innovation

    There is a natural conflict between standard employee performance metrics and innovation. Being Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO I have found this conflict an interesting topic, and one I have wrestled with for years. In tech, where my company...

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  • Board of Directors selection

    Board of Director Selection

    Not long after finding traction, a green CEO will need to establish a real Board of Directors (BOD), and not one composed of sundry friends, family and over-active venture capitalists. And it may be the most critical decisions you...

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  • Leadership Begins with Kindness

    Believe, love, do. Could business leadership be a three-step process? No. It is an art and there are a million confounding situations. But all leadership requires these three basic elements for your employees to embrace you, your company, and...

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  • Work teams and motivation

    How Teamwork in the Workplace Helps Boost Morale

    If you want a lesson on team morale and its criticality, just look to American soldiers in World War II and Viet Nam. These were very different times, exceedingly different public networks of morale, and as history tells, very...

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  • Achieving Success at Any Age

    “Success” is defined as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Ipso facto, as long as you have a purpose you can be a success. Being “successful” can occur at any age, from youth to the retirement home. It...

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