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Insights on leadership, entrepreneurialism and management

  • Alpha, Beta Leadership

    Alpha, Beta, Blended Leadership

    Have you ever watched a wild stallion? They effortlessly switch between being rather tender nurturing of their harem and colts, and into being a fiery beast ready to bite and kick marauding stallions, mountain lions, and other threats. Would...

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  • How to grow your startup wisely

    Startup Scaling

    Anyone who has gone rock climbing knows that scaling a wall is hard, takes a long time, and if done incorrectly can be fatal. Same for scaling your business. Every entrepreneur wants to scale their operations, and venture capitalists...

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  • Entrepreneur Littigation

    You Will Be Sued

    “You can’t call yourself an Adult American until you have been sued at least once.” That is my Marketing Director’s opinion, and it is not too far from true. More to the point though, you can’t call yourself a...

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  • Employee Morale and Motivation During Good and Bad Economic Times

    Employees, Good/Bad Times

    Like all other humans, employees have different needs at different moments. Leadership during good times and bad are uniquely different and require different skills. What leaders do for employees when the economy and industry are good is not what...

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  • Corporate Public Good

    People Do Good

    “Corporate good” is not a new thing, though it has been the subject of a lot of recent chatter. The fact is that nearly all corporate leaders want to do good things for other people, be they shareholders, employees,...

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  • Leadership Horizons in Business

    Looking Over Horizons

    Great business leaders seem to look into the future, to perform magic. But they are not magicians. They simply know how to approach or invent the future. The nature of curves When the first sailors of old looked out...

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