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  • Distilling an elevator pith is like polishing a diamond

    Polishing Your Business Narrative

    Your business idea is like a diamond hauled from the dirt. You have to clean it off and polish it a hundred times before it glitters enough to attract the attention of others. That is the first step to...

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  • Team happiness and innovation

    Happy Innovation

    Many leaders don’t see the connection between happiness and corporate innovation. Well, at least until everyone is unhappy and nobody is doing anything worthwhile. People are at their most creative when they are happy. This doesn’t mean you have...

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  • Fearless pursuit of success

    What Stymies Success?

    Do people fear success? No. They fear what success requires or brings. Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This requires effort and leads the person pursuing success into a new state of being. Since...

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  • Renegade Employees should be handled like fighter pilots

    Dealing with Renegade High Achievers

    I was a renegade employee. I got fired for it. That led me to becoming the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley. This historical tidbit helps to explain why I understand and have affection for corporate renegades and know...

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  • Nothing is impossible for an entrepreneur who faces challenges

    Enjoy Adversity

    My marketing director was into martial arts, and always trained with someone at least 10% heavier and three inches taller. His theory was “if I can take down the big man, then I can take down anybody.” He understands...

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  • Small business planning for recessions

    How small businesses can plan for the next cyclical downturn

    “Economists have predicted twenty-three of the last four recessions.” This ancient joke has a bit of wisdom to it. We never really know, with precision, when the next macro-economic cycle causes an economy to shrink. As such, planning for...

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