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  • Picking Mentors

    No Comments, how many startup CEOs need mentors? All of them. Ray Zinn, Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO talks about...

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  • Startup Hurdles

    No Comments Things First guest host Rob Artigo, talks with Ray Zinn and Ray’s former employee, Paul Moore, to explore...

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  • Vision and Insight

    No Comments best entrepreneurs possess vision and insight, but those two attributes are sometimes not easily understood. Tough Things First...

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  • The Pros and Cons Of Venture Capital

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    The only thing more popular in Silicon Valley than food and sex is venture capital. Silicon Valley runs on...

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  • Tough Questions for Startups

    No Comments are focused on getting venture capital. But should they? Here are the tough questions they should ask, and...

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  • Special Edition: Draper University student interviews Ray Zinn on Venture Capital

    No Comments Carrillo, a student at Draper University and co-founder of, interviews Ray Zinn about funding startups. The wide-ranging...

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  • Cash and Your Kingdom

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    No company ever failed when it had cash in the bank. This simple rule evades too many executives, from...

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  • Episode 13: The unintended consequences of misguided policies

    No Comments Nobody likes to write them. Some employees refuse to live by them. But Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO...

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