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  • Bank Failures Start with Human Failures

    No Comments Valley Bank was not the only bank to fail in early 2023, but it shines as an example...

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  • The Pitch: Audience

    No Comments matter how dialed-in, intriguing, and dynamic, your startup pitch is, if you try to sell hamburgers to an...

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  • Proof of Concept

    No Comments is one of the toughest tasks for the successful entrepreneur. That’s why your proof of concept should get...

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  • The Clock is Ticking: Does your pitch have a clear mission and strategy?

    No Comments and strategy are not afterthoughts. Just seconds for your first impression. Minutes to sell the idea. Don’t blow...

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  • The Cryptocurrency Gamble

    No Comments too long ago we talked about chasing unicorns in Silicon Valley and the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes. Now...

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  • Is Your Startup Doomed? It doesn’t Have to Be.

    No Comments your startup doomed, or headed in the right direction? What it comes down to is will people trust...

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  • The top three things to do when pitching to VCs

    Pitching Your Company – The Top Three Tough Things

    No Comments Valley’s longest serving CEO talks about the three tough things to do when pitching your company. If you...

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  • venture capitalists

    Venture Capitalist Control

    No Comments do venture capitalists (a.k.a. vulture capitalists) always want controlling interest in a startup? Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO...

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  • Unicorns

    No Comments’ve all heard the term “unicorn” used or overused in tech circles, but what does it really mean? Ray...

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  • The Pros and Cons Of Venture Capital

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    The only thing more popular in Silicon Valley than food and sex is venture capital. Silicon Valley runs on...

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  • Tough Questions for Startups

    No Comments are focused on getting venture capital. But should they? Here are the tough questions they should ask, and...

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  • Frugality, VCs and Enduring Companies

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    An excerpt from Tough Things First, by Ray Zinn It was a 1954 Ford coupe. Like many men on...

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