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  • Signs of individual and organizational burnout


    No Comments and inspired. It’s a good way to start an ambitious task, but whether you’re launching a start-up or...

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  • Virtual work creates issues for maintaining innovation

    Innovate Virtually

    No Comments Wright, Dean of the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University, chats with Ray Zinn on how...

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  • Automation, employment and the future

    Automation and Work

    No Comments isn’t going away. As the use of AI technology and robotics seize ground once firmly occupied by the...

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  • Boundaries

    No Comments companies, some tech some not, have boasted about flexible work schedules, telecommuting, or other work from home opportunities,...

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  • Work/Life Balance

    Life and Business

    1 Comment Things First Author Ray Zinn says, “Your life is your business, but don’t make your business your life.”...

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  • Episode 31: Lifestyle – lifestyle is more than money, and you can start living it today

    No Comments is a good lifestyle? We carry the lifestyle choices we make like baggage. Choose your lifestyle well and...

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  • Episode 20 – The employee happiness quotient

    No Comments makes happy people, and thus happy employees. Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO tells you the secret and how...

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