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  • Become a Better Manager: 20 Leadership Examples to Inspire Your Team

    “Leading by example” is no trite phrase. People are inspired by positive examples. The average American cannot name their congressional representative, but they know the name and story of Mother Teresa. Few people were inspired enough to pack their...

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  • Techniques to Overcome Fear in the Entrepreneurial Journey

    One of the entrepreneur’s first and most recurring challenges – a challenge to the heart, a challenge to passion – is overcoming fear. Most entrepreneurs start businesses because they have mastered intense technical obstacles. They may not, however, have...

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  • Workplace Diversity and The Path to Greatness

    Genetics science tells us that life itself thrives via diversity. Your company does too. Like a species, mankind has advanced in no small part due to the constant positive interactions between people, often of very different natures. The ancient...

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  • Security and Reversing China’s Electronics Dominance

    Control electronics and you will control the world. This reality is not lost on the Chinese government. With the passing of Mao and China’s embrace of what we can call authoritarian capitalism, China made a priority of dominating electronics...

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  • Rapid Tech Industry Change

    Thriving with Tech Change

    “In a world of rapidly accelerating change, where technology threatens to remake almost every aspect of every company in every industry, how do large corporations, built for predictability and stability, adapt and innovate fast enough to survive and thrive?”...

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  • Jacob Marley - we are all in the people business

    Mankind Is Your Business

    “Business!” cried the Ghost, wringing its hands again. “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in...

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