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Insights on leadership, entrepreneurialism and management

  • Corporate Public Good

    People Do Good

    “Corporate good” is not a new thing, though it has been the subject of a lot of recent chatter. The fact is that nearly all corporate leaders want to do good things for other people, be they shareholders, employees,...

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  • Leadership Horizons in Business

    Looking Over Horizons

    Great business leaders seem to look into the future, to perform magic. But they are not magicians. They simply know how to approach or invent the future. The nature of curves When the first sailors of old looked out...

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  • Don't Assume in Business

    Challenging Assumptions

    “In a start-up company, you basically throw out all assumptions every three weeks.” – William Lyon Phelps   Assumptions are dangerous things. After all, to assume means to suppose something to be true but without proof. Hence, assumptions are...

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  • Taking business risks

    Enjoy Risk

    Some things scare the pants off me, but most things don’t. You will never see me skydiving, but speaking to an audience of a few thousand people doesn’t cause me a moment’s grief. We all have phobias. Some are...

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  • Employee Performance Metrics, Innovation

    Performance Metrics and Innovation

    There is a natural conflict between standard employee performance metrics and innovation. Being Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO I have found this conflict an interesting topic, and one I have wrestled with for years. In tech, where my company...

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  • Board of Directors selection

    Board of Director Selection

    Not long after finding traction, a green CEO will need to establish a real Board of Directors (BOD), and not one composed of sundry friends, family and over-active venture capitalists. And it may be the most critical decisions you...

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