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  • obstreperous people


    No Comments does one deal with obstreperous people and employees? Ray Zinn and his wife DeLona chat about how people...

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  • United States Constitution


    No Comments American Constitution is an interesting document, and one that seems to be in disuse or abuse. Ray Zinn...

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  • China Shift

    No Comments now predict China’s economy will surpass the American economy in just a few years. In this edition of...

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  • Rapid Tech Industry Change

    Thriving with Tech Change

    No Comments

    “In a world of rapidly accelerating change, where technology threatens to remake almost every aspect of every company in...

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  • Jacob Marley - we are all in the people business

    Mankind Is Your Business

    No Comments

    “Business!” cried the Ghost, wringing its hands again. “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity,...

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  • Grudges


    No Comments conflicts are as common as the sunrise, but lingering grudges over those conflicts can be even worse. In...

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  • Executive Traits

    Executives and Promotions


    What does one need to be promoted into the executive ranks? This was a question posed to me by...

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  • Pot Perils

    1 Comment liberalization of marijuana laws in some U.S. states is raising questions about investments in emerging industries. In this...

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  • American Work

    1 Comment CEOs are celebrating the sudden growth spurt in the American economy while worrying there aren’t enough skilled workers...

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  • Catching the next high tech wave

    Tech’s Next Wave

    1 Comment

    Everyone wants to know what tech’s next big wave will be, and when it will get here. As Silicon...

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  • Scary

    No Comments may have been told you need to do something scary every day, if you want to be successful,...

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  • Boundaries

    No Comments companies, some tech some not, have boasted about flexible work schedules, telecommuting, or other work from home opportunities,...

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  • Unicorns

    No Comments’ve all heard the term “unicorn” used or overused in tech circles, but what does it really mean? Ray...

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  • ZinnStarter

    ZinnStarter Fellows Quiz Ray

    1 Comment this very special edition, students from college campuses around the country who are in the ZinnStarter program ask...

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  • Five Actions

    1 Comment our homes, communities and the world a better place may not be as hard as it sounds. Ray...

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