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  • How to set goals for your business and your life

    Setting Business Goals

    No Comments Tough Things First stands for one thing, it’s setting and achieving goals even when they are difficult. In...

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  • Managing Conflicts - Leadership - Management - Tough Things First Podcast

    Managing Conflicts

    No Comments business and in life there are conflicts. Some of those are internal but threaten the external when we...

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  • How business leaders choose to make innovation happen

    Three Innovation Engines

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    How you innovate depends on what you are innovating. A lot of startups hate hearing that. They have the...

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  • Tough Things First Podcast - How to make better business decisions

    Bad Decisions, Good Outcomes

    No Comments are bound to make bad decisions, but it’s how they handle them that is the difference between success...

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  • debt and growth

    Managing Debt and Corporate Growth

    No Comments should a company take on debt to enable growth? Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO has some answers. Guy...

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  • Surviving a Business Downturn

    Surviving a Downturn – Three Tough Things series

    No Comments should a business leader, especially a startup CEO, do to survive a downturn. Ray Zinn, the longest serving...

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  • Balance between business success and social activism

    Social Causes and Smart Business

    No Comments and charitable causes are a dime a dozen in the modern start-up era. What is the right balance...

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  • Entrepreneurial Pivoting During Disasters

    Entrepreneur, Prepare to Pivot

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    SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) came around 2002. It was right at the end of the dot-com implosion. For...

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  • Choosing the right leadership style

    Dictator Leadership

    No Comments you choose a management style and sometimes it chooses you. In this edition of the Tough Things First...

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  • How entrepreneurs can make decisions differently

    Decide Differently

    No Comments make decisions all day, but do successful entrepreneurs make decisions differently? In this Tough Things First podcast, Ray...

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  • Distilling an elevator pith is like polishing a diamond

    Polishing Your Business Narrative

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    Your business idea is like a diamond hauled from the dirt. You have to clean it off and polish...

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  • bad manager

    Bad Managers

    No Comments one time or another, we’ve probably all worked for a bad manager and perhaps wondered if the boss’s...

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  • Team happiness and innovation

    Happy Innovation

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    Many leaders don’t see the connection between happiness and corporate innovation. Well, at least until everyone is unhappy and...

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  • Managing Managers

    Managing Managers

    No Comments a diverse workplace with varying levels of experience and drive, managers come in all types. But knowing how...

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  • Fearless pursuit of success

    What Stymies Success?

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    Do people fear success? No. They fear what success requires or brings. Success is defined as the accomplishment of...

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