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  • offshoring manufacturing


    No Comments’s no rule that says you must offshore even a fraction of your manufacturing needs, but it’s an option....

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  • Money Hunt

    Balancing the Money Hunt

    No Comments may need to go on the “money hunt” to raise capital. But they need to maintain control. Silicon...

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  • Renegade Employees should be handled like fighter pilots

    Dealing with Renegade High Achievers

    No Comments

    I was a renegade employee. I got fired for it. That led me to becoming the longest serving CEO...

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  • New ideas and new technologies for an exciting future

    New Tech, Exciting Futures

    No Comments’s an exciting era in technology. In this Tough Things First podcast, Ray discusses recent breakthroughs that are catching...

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  • startup founder exhaultion

    Founder Overload

    No Comments do startup founders kill themselves work themselves to death? They shouldn’t, according to Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO....

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  • Nothing is impossible for an entrepreneur who faces challenges

    Enjoy Adversity

    No Comments

    My marketing director was into martial arts, and always trained with someone at least 10% heavier and three inches...

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  • Tech Investing

    Technology Investing

    No Comments does Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO, and now a tech investor, think about tech investing and the current...

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  • Small business planning for recessions

    How small businesses can plan for the next cyclical downturn

    No Comments

    “Economists have predicted twenty-three of the last four recessions.” This ancient joke has a bit of wisdom to it....

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  • startup founder confidence

    Founder Confidence

    No Comments founders of startups need confidence? Silicon Valley’s prototype founder tells you so and why. Guy Smith: Hello and...

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  • Passion for Entrepreneurship

    Pros and Cons of Passion

    No Comments can follow your passion, but it takes a lot more than that to be a successful entrepreneur. In...

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  • Employee Compensation

    Employee Piece of the Pie

    No Comments want a larger share of the pie as they stick with a company. Ray Zinn, Silicon Valley’s longest...

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  • Sameer Saran of ParkStash on the Tough Things First podcast

    ParkStash – Pivoting in a young startup

    No Comments essence of adapting a startup. In the episode of the Tough Things First podcast, ZinnStarter Fellow Sameer Saran...

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  • Michael Canic and Ray Zinn on the Tough Things First podcast

    Making Strategy Happen – Michael Canic

    No Comments is often easier than execution. In this episode of the Tough Things First podcast, Ray Zinn chats with...

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  • Alpha, Beta Leadership

    Alpha, Beta, Blended Leadership

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    Have you ever watched a wild stallion? They effortlessly switch between being rather tender nurturing of their harem and...

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  • team innovation

    Creative Teams

    No Comments matter how large or small your creative teams are, you’ll want to maximize their cohesiveness and innovation. But...

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