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  • History of Silicon Valley - Part II

    Silicon Valley History – Part II

    No Comments Zinn, the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley, discusses the history of silicon as only he can, having...

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  • History of Silicon Valley - Part I

    Silicon Valley History – Part I

    1 Comment Zinn, the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley, discusses the history of silicon as only he can, having...

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  • Trey Taylor's A CEO Does Only Three Things

    Trey Taylor and the CEO’s Three Things

    No Comments Zinn, the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley, sits with Trey Taylor, author of “A CEO Only Does...

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  • Virtual work creates issues for maintaining innovation

    Innovate Virtually

    No Comments Wright, Dean of the Woodbury School of Business at Utah Valley University, chats with Ray Zinn on how...

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  • Planning for business financial disasters and downturns

    Financial Disaster Planning

    No Comments Barker, a tech veteran CFO, joins Ray Zinn to discuss disaster planning for CFOs and the tech industry...

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  • Gloabl technology, nationalism, commerce and security

    Tech Nationalism

    No Comments Nationalism is driving China’s near-term goals. Can the U.S. compete and what do startups need to know about...

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  • Onshore or offshore supply chain decisions

    Supply Chains – The Onshore Option

    No Comments jobs and manufacturing poised to return to the United States? What will it take? In this Tough Things...

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  • How startups can make smart product choices

    How to Set SMART Startup Goals at The Idea Stage

    1 Comment all start-up ideas are created equally. In fact, most are doomed to failure. Are there ways to determine...

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  • How to not be your employees friend and still have a good working relationship

    Friendly, Not Friends

    No Comments can either learn this quickly or slowly, but eventually they’ll learn or fail. Relationships with employees are about...

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  • Three Tough Things to do to make your business last the ages

    Creating Enduring Businesses – The Top Three Tough Things To DO

    No Comments create an enduring business means creating one that will last. That is different than creating a startup and...

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  • Leadership strategies for managing work stress

    Strategies for Managing Work Stress

    No Comments matter what phase a company is in, or the level of employee or management, work stress goes with...

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  • Michael Canic and Ray Zinn discuss Ruthless Consistancy

    Ruthless Consistency

    No Comments Zinn sits with Michael Canic to discuss Michael’s new book, Rutheless Consistancy and how discipline fits into the business...

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  • Managing a distributed, at-home workforce

    Worker Decentralization

    No Comments circumstances put more people in a work-from-home situation and companies forced to manage it than ever before. In...

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  • Greedy CEOs want it all, and can destroy a company

    Greedy CEOs

    No Comments CEOs are greedy, for their wallets, for market share, for fame. Silicon Valley’s longest serving CEO has seen...

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  • How to identify and cure a toxic corporate culture

    Toxic Corporate Culture

    No Comments do toxic corporate cultures arise, and how do you cure them? The Silicon Valley leader with the lowest employee...

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