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  • Self Calibration

    No Comments purpose of self calibration, like self awareness, is to improve your chances at success through recognizing, analyzing, and...

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  • Chasing the Dream! A good way to lose everything.

    No Comments have heard about “chasing the dream,” but is it a fool’s errand in the end? In this Tough...

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  • Words Matter

    No Comments person “with a way with words” can send another person wayward. Words matter, and in this Tough Things...

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  • Be more than just about profit, and profit follows.

    No Comments Wall Street tycoon Gordon Gekko famously uttered the words, “greed is good.” But, for real life CEOs with...

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  • Belt Tightening in Recession

    No Comments can’t control the world, but you can lead your company through a downturn. How? In this Tough Things...

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  • The Pitch: Audience

    No Comments matter how dialed-in, intriguing, and dynamic, your startup pitch is, if you try to sell hamburgers to an...

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  • Working hard or Work-a-holic? There’s a costly difference.

    No Comments it easy to fall into the work-a-holic trap. Did you know that working 80 hours a week does...

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  • The Clock is Ticking: Does your pitch have a clear mission and strategy?

    No Comments and strategy are not afterthoughts. Just seconds for your first impression. Minutes to sell the idea. Don’t blow...

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  • The Right Company Hires the Right Person

    No Comments thirty-seven years as CEO of Micrel Semiconductor, Ray Zinn has done his share of hiring at all levels....

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  • Who Moved the Cheese?

    No Comments ability to pivot is not only an option in business, but also a necessity. In this Tough Things...

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  • Exporting Silicon Valley Culture

    Exporting Silicon Valley Culture

    No Comments are good aspects to Silicon Valley culture. Ray Zinn, the longest serving CEO in Silicon Valley knows what...

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  • How entrepreneurs keep going, and going, and going

    Being Best When You Aren’t Feeling It

    No Comments can sometimes be painfully obvious we’re not physically or mentally up to a task, but what happens when...

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  • How to set goals for your business and your life

    Setting Business Goals

    No Comments Tough Things First stands for one thing, it’s setting and achieving goals even when they are difficult. In...

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  • Entrepreneurial Pivoting During Disasters

    Entrepreneur, Prepare to Pivot

    No Comments

    SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) came around 2002. It was right at the end of the dot-com implosion. For...

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  • Passion for Entrepreneurship

    Pros and Cons of Passion

    No Comments can follow your passion, but it takes a lot more than that to be a successful entrepreneur. In...

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