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  • Belt Tightening in Recession

    No Comments can’t control the world, but you can lead your company through a downturn. How? In this Tough Things...

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  • Working hard or Work-a-holic? There’s a costly difference.

    No Comments it easy to fall into the work-a-holic trap. Did you know that working 80 hours a week does...

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  • Quiet Quitting: How to reverse it in the age of remote work.

    No Comments quitting isn’t just a buzzword, it’s happening. In this Tough Things First podcast, Ray Zinn discussing this costly...

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  • Proof of Concept

    No Comments is one of the toughest tasks for the successful entrepreneur. That’s why your proof of concept should get...

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  • Ray Zinn: “An excuse is nothing more than a reason wrapped in a bag of poop.”

    No Comments Zinn, the longer serving CEO in Silicon Valley, was well known for fostering a culture of  “do whatever...

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  • The Right Company Hires the Right Person

    No Comments thirty-seven years as CEO of Micrel Semiconductor, Ray Zinn has done his share of hiring at all levels....

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  • Who Moved the Cheese?

    No Comments ability to pivot is not only an option in business, but also a necessity. In this Tough Things...

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  • Signs of individual and organizational burnout


    No Comments and inspired. It’s a good way to start an ambitious task, but whether you’re launching a start-up or...

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  • How to not be your employees friend and still have a good working relationship

    Friendly, Not Friends

    No Comments can either learn this quickly or slowly, but eventually they’ll learn or fail. Relationships with employees are about...

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  • Michael Canic and Ray Zinn discuss Ruthless Consistancy

    Ruthless Consistency

    No Comments Zinn sits with Michael Canic to discuss Michael’s new book, Rutheless Consistancy and how discipline fits into the business...

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  • Don't Assume in Business

    Challenging Assumptions

    No Comments

    “In a start-up company, you basically throw out all assumptions every three weeks.” – William Lyon Phelps   Assumptions...

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  • Millennial Employees

    Managing Millennials

    No Comments do front-line managers deal with millennial employees, who have a much different outlook on business+society than previous generations....

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  • Taking Responsibility

    No Comments’s easy to accept responsibility when things are going well, but what happens when it all goes wrong? In...

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  • Cash is King

    Cash is King

    No Comments business money is like air … without it you die. But borrowing might not be the best strategy....

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  • Bad Managers

    No Comments a company of any size is a challenge, and even more so if a CEO can’t count on...

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